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using emdebian in VirtualBox


for a distributed computing project we want to execute a statically
linked executable inside a VirtualBox on different computers. At the
moment I use a preinstalled debian VirtualBox that is 1.3 GB
uncompressed (or 300 MB compressed). This is not acceptable because we
also want to do snapshots of this VirtualBox on the client and not
consume too much hard disk space.

I got the tip that I could build a VirtualBox with emdebian and thus
limit the used disk space. I than tried to understand the documentation
and also tried to install using the .iso files. The installation failed
because it couldn't find a package.

I'm relative new to the concept of bootstrapping, fake-root, cross
compiling and stuff. Does anyone has a simple guide on how I can create
a VirtualBox based installation of emdebian for amd64? I than want to
test if our application runs in this environment.


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