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Re: libstdc++6-mipsel-cross dependency problem.

On Fri, 24 May 2013 03:26:11 +0430
Sajjad <sajjad@securation.com> wrote:

> hey ,
> i use to (sid) emdebian repository .

It is a common problem with sid because the dependencies move so fast
(faster than we can build cross toolchains usually).

Use xapt to put the updated cross-dependencies into place.

> libstdc++6-mipsel-cross

$ sudo xapt -m -a mipsel libstdc++6

Better, use embuilddeps for the package you are actually trying to
build using the cross compiler and get all the dependencies in one go.
-$arch-cross dependencies can be installed without a cross-compiler,
it's one of the vagaries of the old dpkg-cross method.


Neil Williams

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