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Re: build emdebian wheezy for a custom target


2013/5/8 Allen Pulsifer <apulsifer@apache.org>:
> Is this something that multistrap can handle from start to finish, or do I
> first have to download all the source packages, port them to my custom
> architecture, repackage them, and then hand them over to multistrap?  Would
> someone be able to point me to any How-To's or examples of this type of
> build, especially any that include the necessary config files and/or shell
> scripts?

This is not an easy task, multistrap is not able to do it for you. If
you really want emdebian, then you first need to pick a subset of
debian and work around build dependency loops, which some progress has
been done to automate that task but there is still lots to do. Once
your subset is build for Debian, then you can run emdebian package
stripping routines to get emdebian. Then you can use multistrap to
generate rootfs for your target system. Please, check Debian wiki, it
contains lots of helpful information on doing bootstraps and creating
cross root filesystems.

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