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Re: dbus dependency broken in squeeze 6.0.7

On Fri, 1 Mar 2013 14:41:36 -0800
Kaustubh Gondkar <kaubhai@gmail.com> wrote:

> >From Squeeze 6.0.7 upgrade,  Its seems like all packages, which has dbus as
> dependency, are broken and not being installed.
> It was working fine with 6.0.6.

There was a duplication in 6.0.6 - dbus was in the dev and main

The 'main' component of Emdebian Grip Squeeze is not completely
resolvable. This is the principle reason why components are being
dropped after Squeeze.


This affects dbus because in Debian, dbus is in a development Section.

Add the dev component to your multistrap config.

> Multistrap conf file:
> [General]
> noauth=true
> unpack=true
> debootstrap=Grip
> aptsources=Grip
> [Grip]
> packages=bluez
> source=http://www.emdebian.org/grip
> suite=squeeze
components=main dev

In order to maintain the state of stable, I have reintroduced the
duplication but the advice about components still applies, just to


Neil Williams

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