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Re: Multistrap Extracting Order?

On Thu, 24 Jan 2013 10:51:59 -0500
Andrew Bradford <andrew@bradfordembedded.com> wrote:

> In building a root file system for armel Squeeze on an amd64 Squeeze
> box, either with multistrap 2.1.20 or 2.1.15~bpo60+1, with normal
> Debian debs (not emdebian debs), I find that extraction happens in
> alphabetical order.  This is not what I expected.

It is necessary because the extraction happens separately to the
configuration and the extraction is not done with reference to any
preinst or other setup, it is a simple and direct unpack using dpkg -X /

This is one of the main features of multistrap in that it avoids the
need to package the .deb inside the rootfs and avoids the need to
unpack the .deb on the target device. Most target devices for
multistrap are embedded boards using NAND flash which is a lot slower
at writing than a hard drive, so unpacking before copying onto the
target device is a big, big win over debootstrap. It also makes the
rootfs tarball itself a lot smaller which makes transmitting the
tarball to the embedded device quicker.

> It becomes an issue as I have build some non-debian debs with
> alphabetical names that come before packages in which I want to
> "Replaces" a few files along with creating diversions.  My issue is
> similar to bug 591518 [1] but not exactly the same.

It is precisely the same - the preinst cannot be run, it doesn't matter
about the extract order if the preinst is taken out of the calculation.

> What happens is that my custom package gets extracted first, preinst
> which would have setup the diversion doesn't get run, and then the
> normal Debian package which my custom package "Replaces" gets
> extracted.  This ends with the normal Debian package's files
> overwriting my custom package's files.  Kind of the reverse of the
> intention of my "Replaces" goal.

Move the replacement of the files into the postinst. Package the files
in a unique location (/usr/share/custom-package-name/) and then move
them into place in the postinst.

> In the multistrap code, it seems the packages get sorted by name before
> being extracted. I've not delved deep into the code yet, but would a
> patch that sorts by "Depends" be a reasonable improvement to multistrap?

No, because sorting by Depends relies on having a full dependency
resolver. Multistrap passes all dependency resolution on to apt,
there's no point inventing another resolver inside multistrap and apt
does not export the dependency tree in any usable manner.

Extraction order is only allowed to be of importance when the preinst
can be run - without the preinst, there's no point in second-guessing
the extraction order. Alphabetical is better than unsorted (as it gives
some indication of progress).

It might be possible to organise unpacking by Priority as this
information is more readily available and much quicker to sort. Even
then, it would only be a case of unpacking the Required before the
Important and leaving Optional and Extra as a single alphabetical lump
because there is no sane division between Optional and Extra. This is
closer to how debootstrap typically works but I'm not convinced that it
would actually add any useful behaviour in multistrap.


Neil Williams

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