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Re: priority important of some grip-* packages makes bootstrap includes too many dependencies

On Mon, 14 Jan 2013 13:52:03 +0100
Jean-Christophe Saint-Marc <jchristophe.stmarc@free.fr> wrote:

> Dear Emdebian Team,
> I was trying to build an emdebian live system.

Live doesn't make much sense for Emdebian Grip. The only architectures
which can be supported by Live are only test platforms in Emdebian and
there are precious few kernels in Grip.

The whole point of live is that the media used is external - if a
device has readily available external storage, it doesn't need Emdebian
Grip. If a device has temporary external storage, that external storage
has no need to be constrained by file system limits, so a standard
Debian image will be fine. You'll have a hard time purchasing any USB
media which is smaller than a standard Debian Live ISO. Also, just what
is the point of a Live image which has no support for translations?

Better to provide a completely standard Debian live image because then
all the packages necessary are available.

> These packages got priority set to important:
> grip-build
> grip-desktop
> grip-desktop-minimal
> grip-lxde
> Because of that, a lot of dependencies are installed during the 
> bootstrap stage of live build
> Is there a reason why those packages need their priority set to important?

These are tasksel meta packages which replace the old tasksel list
files. Without Priority: important, these tasks do not become available
via some versions of Debian Installer.

When I get time to test Wheezy D-I, I'll check through the affected

debootstrap already has support to exclude specified packages.


Neil Williams

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