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Preparing for an Emdebian Grip 2.0.6 point release

A point release of Debian Squeeze 6.0.6 is planned:


I'll be pushing updates for Emdebian Grip 2.0.5 into
squeeze-proposed-updates tomorrow.


As before, this will be a catch-up release. Updating stable is a manual
process and currently means that the "updates" don't actually get time
to be tested as Emdebian packages before the point release.

This is advance notice such that if you do *not* want to have your
Emdebian Grip stable release updated in parallel with Debian, then now
is the time to create a snapshot for internal use etc. See reprepro (1).

Point releases are the only time when the ReadOnly flag on the stable
release is temporarily removed. All packages already in Emdebian
Grip stable which are updated in the appropriate Debian point release
will receive updates in Emdebian Grip stable. It is not anticipated
that these updates will require the addition of new packages (except
possibly updated kernels). You can check the list yourself via the
current contents of squeeze-proposed-updates on your favourite Debian

Full details of the point release will be available via the update logs
on the emdebian.org website and as a News article on the main Emdebian
website. Currently, there are no packages in squeeze-proposed-updates.
Once the point release is made, all packages in
squeeze-proposed-updates will migrate into squeeze and old versions of
those packages *will* be removed from the archive and from the mirrors.
So watch the updates-log once it is created, if you want to know what
updates will be pushed into stable next weekend. (The existing
squeeze-log will be compressed and a new squeeze-log created when the
point release happens.)



The existing mirrors for Emdebian Grip will receive the updates and
the point release as usual, so please use one of those when actually
upgrading machines or creating snapshots.


Plans for Wheezy and beyond

Emdebian Grip 3.0.0 (based on Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy) will follow the
Debian Wheezy 7.0.0 release just as soon as I can manage. (Last time it
was within an hour, i.e. before the mirrors had time to update).
Although a new stable release is a major strain on the debian mirrors
infrastructure, adding an Emdebian Grip stable release is largely

Once Grip packages are handled via the updates currently being applied
to dak by Ansgar Burchardt, then packages will be updated for Grip at
the same time as for Debian via blavet.debian.org.


At that point, Emdebian Grip will jump ahead from 3.0.0 (based on
Debian GNU/Linux 7.0.0 Wheezy) to 8.0.0 (based on Debian GNU/Linux
8.0.0 Jessie).

I expect that updates to wheezy-grip will be done automatically once
the new dak support is ready, so it is likely that wheezy-grip users
will get a chance to test *-proposed-updates-grip for longer.


Neil Williams

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