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Re: Multistrap: Couldn't find package zlib1g*

+++ Dmitriy Alekseev [2012-09-06 19:05 +0400]:
> Wookey wrote:
> > +++ Dmitriy Alekseev wrote:
> >> apt download failed. Exit value: 100
> >> The same trouble goes with any package I want to install in addition
> >> to minimal configuration: "Couldn't find package zlib1ggcc", and so
> >> on..
> >>
> >> What I did wrong, or maybe it's a bug? Thank You.
> >
> > looks like a space missing in list concatenation

> Wookey, I'm sorry, what space do You mean?

> >> E: Couldn't find package zlib1gapt

"zlib1g apt" is a list of two packages
"zlib1gapt" is a apckage that doesn't exist made by making a list
missing out the space between them.

Similarly for "zlib1ggcc" -> "zlib1g gcc"

Adding a space in your config file might fix this, or it may indeed be
a bug in the program which should avoiud this happening. Which version
of multistrap are you running? I remember seeing this a couple of
years ago - maybe you are running an old version.

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