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Re: Report 3 — Multiarch cross-toolchains

Thibaut Girka wrote:

> Since wheezy is freezing, the focus is not on getting the multiarch cross-toolchains
> in the archive, but on providing them in a separate repository (at emdebian,
> for instance) while keeping them useful (i.e., getting rid of things like #67823).
> Once that goal is attained (hopefully in 2~3 weeks), the focus will shift on
> making the build system suitable for inclusion in Debian, so that it could be
> part of wheezy+1.

FWIW, multiarch cross-toolchains in experimental would be welcome at
any moment, even before the wheezy release. :)  But your plan seems
fine, too, as long as you are keeping in touch with the relevant
package maintainers.


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