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Re: cross-build-essential

On Wed, 27 Jun 2012 20:04:26 +0100
Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> wrote:

> A bit of background here for those who aren't following all the details:
> We are working towards having cross-compilers in the archive. The plan
> is for those toolchains to use multiarch so that the existing
> libc:<arch> linux-libc-dev:<arch> libgcc1:<arch> etc packages in the
> archive are used by the cross-toolchains, rather than being rebuilt
> and renamed as foo-cross packages (where practical).

... this is a pre-requisite for restarting work on Emdebian Crush
after Wheezy which will extend Embedded Debian to offer a Debian system
without coreutils, with a rebuilt busybox and likely without perl. The
premise will be to only cross-build the packages which need functional
changes and pull the rest from Emdebian Grip. (As a special-case,
partial archive, packages for Emdebian Crush will stay on emdebian.org

So this is a very welcome development. Unlike the one-off release of
Crush for the old ARM port based on Lenny, Multiarch should be capable
of delivering support for multiple architectures - probably 4.

Where packages are changed for Crush, we'll start using -crush suffixes
to source package names. (e.g. busybox-crush, cairo-crush).


(Those versions are old but the idea is the same.)

I'm also hoping that the existing QtEmbedded build can be provided,


Integrating these changes into the relevant Debian packages via
build-options is a different question which can also be broached

> This work, combined with sbuild's already-in-wheezy config to set up
> multiarch and install crossbuild-essential-<arch>, and the forthcoming
> <triplet>-pkg-config packages, should make for painless cross-building
> (modulo suitable multiarch metadata in packages and packages that are
> actually capble of being cross-built). 

(Just one of the reasons to only cross-build for Crush what we actually
need to modify - bootstrapping will need wider coverage.)
> I'll give a more complete summary of current state at debconf.

Anyone wanting to talk about the details of creating a very small
Debian distribution for specific targets can also talk to myself or
Wookey at DebConf. This can be part of the proposed Emdebian BoF.

A new version of Crush using Multiarch cross-compilers should get us
back to a sub 32Mb install of a Debian system, maybe sub 20Mb. (Sub
16Mb means using uClibc which is a harder problem.)

Anyone with ideas on how to prune the iconv files normally provided
with eglibc:libc6? Find me/Wookey @/during DebConf.



Neil Williams

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