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Re: Debian or Embedbian on a powerful 64-bit system

On Mon, 18 Jun 2012 16:58:17 +0000 (UTC)
Uttam <amit.uttam@gmail.com> wrote:

> However, my main concern is the maturity if emdebian. Not in the
> packages but more in the tools. I'm sure there are success stories but
> are there any documented procedures to get started?

Use stable if you want a stable set of packages. The core tool for
Emdebian is emgrip which hasn't changed substantially since Lenny

If you mean multistrap, that is also in stable and is a mature tool.
It's very flexible and customisable but the learning curve isn't
particularly steep, it just goes on for a bit. 

Getting started with anything embedded depends entirely on what you
mean by start... ;-) If you have a working kernel configuration for your
system, that will help things enormously. There aren't many kernels in
Emdebian Grip because there is very little common ground between the
various embedded boards. 

For your situation, just pull in a suitable kernel from Debian -
there's very little point converting it for Emdebian Grip, kernel
packages can't be reduced in size much.

Don't forget too that Emdebian Grip only has 10% of the packages
available in Debian (because we concentrate on packages with an
embedded usage) and some packages you want might not exist in Emdebian


Start with a simple multistrap chroot of your native architecture for



The balloon files on that page are from one of our success stories,
where Emdebian Grip is used in commercial products.

Mature tools do not mean that you get to avoid all the awkward setup
questions. There are too many options and no common platforms. (Your
platform is itself very unusual for Emdebian.)

> Also, can I get started with emdebian using the current packages
> available in debian testing?

Debian testing == Wheezy. The equivalent Emdebian Grip suite is
wheezy-grip but that's a "best effort" currently:


So, yes, but stable is better as a start point.


Neil Williams

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