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Re: Debian or Embedbian on a powerful 64-bit system

+++ Uttam [2012-06-16 00:37 +0000]:
> Hello,
> Looking to custom build a debian distribution for an embedded system.
> Well the embedded system is actually quite powerful with the following
> specs:
>  1. 64-bit dual core x86
>  2. 1GB RAM
>  3. 80GB HD
> I have tried several different tools:
>  1. grml-debootstrap
>  2. debootstrap
>  3. debirf
> But none of them provide a straight forward way to build a rootfs that I
> can drop off in a hard drive and boot. grml-debootstrap seems to have
> that ability but is too grml specific.
> Is emdebian a good choice? Not in terms of size, but more in terms of
> the tools necessary to build and deploy?

multistrap is useful as an image-creator, although you generally still need to
do some tweaking to get a bootable image (it has a scripting mechanism
for this).

Why do you need a pre-configured image? Would FAI (autoimated
installer) not get you what you want?

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