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Wheezy-grip status update

4,200 package movements later (~30,000 binaries updated / added / some
removed), and wheezy-grip is in a much better state.

There are inconsistencies, armhf in particular might be missing some
packages, but at least with simple tests, base bootstraps work and
other package sets appear installable. I cannot test all permutations.

Feel free to start testing testing-grip. Report bugs to
buildd.emdebian.org *always* including the full list of packages you
selected to be installed (whether using multistrap or something else).

Updates to wheezy-grip will be intermittent - I'll try to get to them
once a week or so but there's not much chance of it supporting
automation. Mixing wheezy-grip and wheezy will be problematic for some
months yet.

Particularly need some tests of whether packages are missing the right
source version or if one architecture has a different version to
another architecture. (That is common for unstable, it shouldn't happen
for testing, so report bugs against buildd.emdebian.org for each
package in wheezy-grip which is out of sync with Debian testing.)


Neil Williams

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