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Re: libudev-dev missing on emdebian squeeze grip

On Fri, 1 Jun 2012 12:01:15 +0200
Heiko Stübner <mmind@debian.org> wrote:

> while working on a system based on the squeeze variant of Emdebian-Grip we are 
> missing libudev-dev.

Many -dev packages are not included.

> It'a not contained in grip itself, and libudev-dev from the main dist has a 
> same version dependency and does not accept the "164-3em1" provided by Grip.
> So I would be glad if someone could point me in the right direction on how to 
> proceed here.

On your desktop / workstation, running Squeeze:

(You haven't said what arch, replace 'armel' with that arch below)

$ sudo apt-grip -a armel -b libudev-dev

$ ls /var/lib/apt-grip/output

There is a problem with the -S option with apt-grip currently which I
hope to fix this weekend.

You can also download any Debian package and grip it but you will have
to deal with dependencies (which is why we have apt-grip):

DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="emgrip" emgrip /path/to/foo.deb

Results will be in /tmp/


Neil Williams

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