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Who is using emdebian-grip-server?

If the integration goes ahead, I won't have time to maintain a
duplicate set of scripts in emdebian-grip-server which are themselves
buggy and incomplete. (It turns out replicating dak, britney and
stable-release-managers is not a way to create bug free scripts.)

In effect, I'm having to push everything into the debian-grip scripts
but those are tightly integrated into the Debian infrastructure and are
not going to work as a separate package any longer.

The only remaining uses for emdebian-grip-server on www.emdebian.org
are generating TDebs and handling the ports (unstable only).

Most of the bugs in the current scripts are outside these roles, so I
could keep those running on www.emdebian.org but without the really
problematic code of testing migrations and stable release management, I
see little use in the package being in Wheezy.

So, according to popcon, there are people who have emdebian-grip-server
installed. If any of those people are here, please speak up and tell me
how you're doing with the scripts.

I'm likely to drop the emdebian-grip-server package before the Wheezy
release freeze and keep the scripts only in SVN.


Neil Williams

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