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Re: Emdebian iso problem

On Wed, 21 Mar 2012 01:57:58 +0000
jorge.sanchez@brm.com.co wrote:

> Hi, is my first conctact with emdebian, I try cd.iso and dvd.iso but report problem in install the base system, is a iso problem??

This is bug #663461


The ISO support for Emdebian is experimental and not the typical way to
put Emdebian onto an embedded device, although things may improve with
some ideas planned for Debian Installer after Wheezy.

The issue can be worked around, as described in the bug report, but you
will likely find that there isn't a suitable kernel for your device
available to the installer for Squeeze.

Most people use multistrap or debootstrap and then partner that rootfs
with a custom built kernel, configured especially for your system.

Emdebian does require an amount of detailed knowledge of the target
system - quite a lot more than standard Debian.


Neil Williams

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