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Re: sources.list for 9G20

On Thu, 23 Feb 2012 14:00:44 +0100
Alexander Burger <abu@software-lab.de> wrote:

> I don't have the time and resources at the moment for a complete
> reinstall. The system works as it is, I would just need to install a few
> additional binaries, i.e. 'strace' and 'perl'.

There is no perl for Emdebian Crush. None. Zip. Never will be. The
whole point of Crush was to get rid of perl, completely. Crush
succeeded at that. Perl cannot even be installed from Debian, it just
won't work on Crush. Support was deliberately removed, across the
board. Every perl script in the original source packages was stripped
from the cross-built package by force, replacements were only
implemented when essential for package installations to proceed.


strace, however, is available for Crush:


There is no python either (if there's no room for perl, there's
certainly no room for python) and you only have the busybox shell or

> However, "apt-get upgrade" or "apt-get install" give
>    /usr/bin/dpkg: unrecognized option `--status-fd'
>    BusyBox v1.16.1 (2010-06-07 16:02:32 EDT) multi-call binary.

It's been a v.long time since I did any on-device work on Crush. I
suspect that the busybox dpkg symlink is being called instead of the
dpkg binary. That binary may have been overwritten by the busybox
setup. You could re-download the dpkg .deb and try to reinstall it
without using apt (or the dpkg symlink). You may need to remove the
busybox symlink.


> Do you think there is an easy work-around for the above option error of
> 'dpkg'? Managing to install a few additional tools would keep me happy
> for the near future (and the project going), and we can think about a
> clean fix in the long term.

How much space is available on device?

What packages are installed? (Have you gone as far as an X server or
just a few networking packages?)

I need the output of:

$ df -h

$ dpkg -l | wc -l

You have no option but to go to Emdebian Grip if you really want perl.
If perl or python are essential and there is no room / time for a
complete reinstall, then the project could well be as dead as Crush

Come back to us in a few years and we may have Crush 4.0 - even then,
it will *not* include perl or python.


Neil Williams

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