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I've thought for a long time that a package like build-essential for
cross-building would be a really good idea. 

Currently to get the right tools and libs installed for cross-building
you need to do slightly different things on different distros

Having just been looking at sbuild cross-support it becomes clear that
something like this would be a very useful adititon.

Can anyone see any reason why we shouldn't just have 
$arch-crossbuild-essential which depends on the right things?

It can easily be adjusted to be right for the distro it's in, and
removes the need for livebuilder, sbuild, multistrap etc to know

Currently on Debian you'll need to have made the emdebian repositories
available because otherwise you won't find any cross-compilers, but
hopefully we'll have them in the main archive in the not-too distant.
In Ubuntu it'll just work already (for armel/armhf).

I'll knock these up unless people have major objections.

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