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Grip status update

Main information: http://wiki.debian.org/EmdebianIntegration

Update logs: http://www.emdebian.org/grip/logs.php

Integration scripts:


0: Wheezy-grip is NOT being updated currently. The mechanisms are not
in place. This is because all processing is now done remotely
(blavet.debian.org) and testing migrations are completely different
between reprepro (www.emdebian.org) and dak/britney (www.debian.org).

1: Sid-grip (unstable-grip) is being updated every 4 hours and is
approximately 12-24 hours behind the buildds.

	1.1: The new Debian version uploaded by the maintainer or
received from the buildd will ALWAYS be newer than the old Emdebian
version in the archive until the Emdebian package is uploaded.

	1.2: Therefore, mixing Debian unstable and Emdebian
unstable-grip will frequently cause packages to be held back in
upgrades or for the same package to be upgraded on from Debian and
later replaced with the Emdebian version. There is NOTHING which can be
done about this (and it wasn't any different with the old scripts). The
agreed mechanisms for Emdebian processing require that the Debian
package for that architecture is built *and available on the mirrors*
before that package at that version can be downloaded for that
architecture and processed for Emdebian because the checksums of the
downloaded Debian binary packages must be checked against the signed
mirror data. This is a requirement of the FTP team.

	1.3: Once we have uploads to ftpmaster and the release team are
managing wheezy-grip, mixing Debian wheezy with Emdebian wheezy-grip
will not suffer these problems as packages will migrate together.

	1.4: Furthermore, uploads to unstable may add new dependencies
on Debian packages which are not yet included in Emdebian processing, so
the updated Emdebian unstable-grip package may well be uninstallable
until the dependency resolution code picks up the new package and adds
it. This is complex as it also means adding the testing version of that
package to testing-grip so that the new version can migrate.

2: The new integration scripts have been completely rewritten and have
a very different mechanism based on data exported directly by the
Debian FTP team. There are still issues with the new methods but things
are improving.

3: There is no automatic dependency resolution support (there never was
with the old emdebian-grip-server scripts either). Semi-automated
support is part of the rewrite, as above, because packages which change
their dependencies will need this support for the release team to
manage testing-grip migrations.

4: There is no mechanism yet for adding new packages other than as
dependencies of existing packages. This will be one of the very last
portions of code to be written for the migration.

5: The new scripts will NOT be usable on third party systems and it is
quite possible that the methods could be absorbed directly into the
main FTP scripts (subject to finding someone with sufficient python
knowledge) at some point.

6: The whole process is a best-effort approach but my time is far more
limited now than when I was doing Crush and progress is slower. It's
still my intention to get Grip into Debian before the Wheezy release.

7: Wheezy-grip itself will likely remain without updates until the new
scripts start uploading to ftpmaster, at which point the release team
will decide how and when wheezy-grip will be populated.

8: The update logs script itself isn't without bugs, especially in how
it collates changes across architectures, but there is little point
working on that when the actual uploads will go via ftpmaster and be
announced as usual over debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.org,
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-changes/2012/01/threads.html and
then gain support via the PTS and other Debian web information sources.

9: The eventual support will be that www.emdebian.org is a mirror for
the ftp uploads and will not receive uploads directly. The uploads
script and various other parts of the site will be replaced / updated
at that time.

10: Necessarily, a lot of the discussions and planning behind the
current work happens offline and in private discussions with the Debian
System Admin team, FTP team, release team and other people within
Debian. The details of how things work doesn't really need to be
covered again here but once the process is working, I'll add
documentation on how it works.

11: There is unlikely to be support for experimental but one result
of this process is that Emdebian will get testing-proposed-updates
during the release freeze and stable-proposed-updates for point
releases as well as synchronous stable releases and stable point
releases, probably also security updates. On top of that, Emdebian Grip
packages will become available on all primary Debian mirrors, not just
www.emdebian.org and ftp.uk.debian.org which means that when one mirror
goes down and another replaces it via DNS, Emdebian Grip will remain
available because it's part of the replacement mirror too.

12: Finally, nothing above affects stable, which is why we have a
stable release in the first place. If you want a usable system based on
Emdebian Grip, use stable. If you want to do a lot of work yourself,
you can use unstable-grip but be prepared to add packages using
apt-grip yourself. Don't use wheezy-grip - it wasn't in a good state
when it was last updated and it won't be getting updates until uploads
to ftpmaster are working.


Neil Williams

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