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Emdebian Grip armhf adoption

armhf has moved from an unofficial port to an official architecture in
Debian and the same is happening now in Emdebian Grip.

As ever, it is a bit different with Emdebian in that the old ports/
URL's have simply had to disappear. It's complex because of the
simultaneous migration from the original Emdebian update scripts to the
new scripts which support integration of Grip into Debian.

The current sid armhf port on Emdebian Grip is in quite a bad shape
anyway because I've been spending all my time on the sid-grip scripts
for Debian. Packages from that port have now been pushed into sid-grip
for armhf.

It is going to take me a little time to get the current sid-grip
repositories usable because of bugs in the integration scripts. There
are too many missing dependencies in both sid and sid-grip currently,
so I doubt that this will affect many people.

However, it does mean that this URL is to be removed for armhf:

deb http://www.emdebian.org/grip/ports sid main dev debug doc java

and this one will replace it:

deb http://www.emdebian.org/grip/ sid-grip main

Similarly with the ftp.uk.debian.org mirror.

However, this does mean that armhf will get testing-grip support very
soon. (Don't use it yet, wait for the release team to migrate the bulk
of unchanged packages into wheezy for armhf and then the Emdebian
scripts will need to do a similar migration.)

Now that armhf is in sid-grip, it at least clears the way to me getting
the missing dependencies sorted out for all architectures in sid-grip.
That should be good news for anyone wanting to use Emdebian Grip for
suites other than stable and oldstable.

I plan to remove armhf from ports/ later this weekend, once I get the
website updated.


Neil Williams

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