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Bug#649094: xapt: paths not fixed in libc.so in cross packages

Le 17/11/2011 17:59, Hector Oron a écrit :
Hello Vincent,

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 04:23:30PM +0000, Neil Williams wrote:

Vincent Danjean<vdanjean@debian.org>  wrote:

Package: xapt
Version: 2.2.17
Severity: normal

I see no need to fix this bug. You're re-inventing a script which
already exists in Debian and you are using outdated tools to do it.
It's a hiding to nothing and a completely wasted effort. Talk to the
debian-embedded people and maintainer of buildcross.

Right now, the only practical cross-compiler methods are all based on
stable. Everything in testing and unstable is just too broken to use.

I am also getting broken tri-arch cross compilers on mips(el):

I usually wget the package and dpkg-cross them with -M switch, that should
work around the issue and place the objects in the right place.

In my case, the objects where in the right place (/usr/mipsel...) but the
contents of the /usr/mipsel.../lib{32,64}/libc.so (that is a texte file)
was not correctly updated. They refer to /lib{32,64}/* objects


When building multilib cross compiler, it would be very useful if cross ld
would pick up the right objects. If you find the way before I do, let me know.


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