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Re: Help on install emDebian on Nand

Am 09.11.2011 22:30, schrieb Vítor Dias:
I need help on installing emdebian on the nand flash of my netgear stora.

Found some details on OpenStora

But really need help on this one...

Your question is a bit unspecific. What do you like to do?
I have used multistrap and put some make-file snippets around it to automate recurring steps. With this semi-automatic tool, I was able to generate a ubi image and wrote it on the nand of by dockstar (see forum post you mentioned in your message).

I'm willing to help you make it working for your device, but I'm not able/do not want to do it for you. So please read some documentation (google nand,ubifs,firmware,linux; readme in https://git.gitorious.org/dockstar/emdebian-multistrap.git) and precise your question.


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