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status on configuring a foreign rootfs created with multistrap without superuser priviliges


a few new things happened in the past month that make it even more easy
to configure the result of a multistrap-run natively with qemu user mode
emulation and without needing superuser privileges.

First of all, the fakechroot maintainer piotr roszatycki recently came
back from MIA and continued working on fakechroot, closing many debian
bugreports (#611156, #635625, #637119, #632954, #641079), adding many
new commits/features to the fakechroot git and releasing a new version

He also made fakechroot multiarch (#632954) so that it is now easier to
put a foreign libfakechroot.so shared library on the host system by
installing the foreign libfakechroot package.

Fakeroot is still not multiarch, so that the foreign shared library
libfakeroot-sysv.so still has to be copied manually to the multiarch
library path. See bug #636192 for more information on how to resolve the

The qemu patches enabling the setting of LD_PREFIX through environment
variables made it into the qemu git (commit fc9c54124d) and hence will
likely be included in the next qemu release, fixing bug #632192.

So right now one still needs either

 - build and install latest qemu from git (at least the linux-user binary)
 - `apt-get source qemu` and add this quilt patch http://mister-muffin.de/p/ZxDi
 - have the shared libraries in the default path /etc/qemu-binfmt/arm.

The last option is probably the simplest and fastest until the new qemu
version is released and the content of /etc/qemu-binfmt/arm is easiest
generated using this multistrap config:


packages=libc6 libselinux1 libacl1 man-db libstdc++6 libfreetype6 libx11-6 libfontconfig1

There will still be lots of unwanted stuff but because of
"addimportant=false" this is as minimal as it gets in an automated

So the only two things left seem to be waiting for the release of the next
qemu version and to make fakeroot become multiarch.

brb building a new armhf rootfs for the gta04 :)

cheers, josch

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