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Updates of Emdebian Grip Wheezy and Sid paused

As of today's point release, the cron task updating the unstable (sid)
and testing (wheezy) suites of Emdebian Grip has been stopped. Only the
unofficial ports (unstable only) will continue to update.

The new mechanism of drawing updates directly from release.debian.org
and combining the old components back into main will start this
weekend. Once that is working, the current unstable and testing
repositories will point at unstable-grip and testing-grip respectively.
Then, once ftp.debian.org creates the relevant upload locations,
changes will be uploaded directly to Debian and the current unstable
and testing suites become symlinks to the unstable-grip and
testing-grip mirror on www.emdebian.org.

I'm hoping that the mechanism will work for:

unstable-grip (sid-grip)
testing-grip  (wheezy-grip)
testing-proposed-updates-grip (wheezy-proposed-updates-grip) - once
stable-proposed-updates-grip (squeeze-proposed-updates-grip) - after
the 6.0.3 point release due on 8th Oct.

It isn't possible to have two different update mechanisms trying to
operate on the same package at the same version for the same
architecture at the same time.


Neil Williams

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