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Re: AT91 zlib1ggcc

On Fri, 05 Aug 2011 11:05:47 +0200
Kris <kryniok@o2.pl> wrote:

> I'm trying to run Emdebian squeeze on my board with AT91SAM9260. I use Debootstrap:
> I also try Multistrap and I get info that zlib1ggcc package could not be found.

Old version of multistrap? that should be "zlib1g gcc" - i.e. a space.
That's an old bug. There's also a backport for Squeeze of the latest

> I looks like there is a problem with zlib1g package.

You can't tell that from the debootstrap output - you have to chroot
into the filesystem and run the configure yourself. debootstrap just
reports the last package unpacked, not the package which actually


Neil Williams

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