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foreign rootfs without root priviliges with multistrap, fakeroot, fakechroot and qemu user emulation


as a follow up for "fakechroot + qemu user emulation" in january 2011 and my
solution explained in "fakechroot + qemu user emulation (it works now)" in
april 2011 and by the request of wookey who suggested I should post it here,
let me just paste the links to four scripts of mine.

notioninkadam: http://mister-muffin.de/p/_8K5
touchbook: http://mister-muffin.de/p/9nQ4
openmoko: http://mister-muffin.de/p/wFep
kirkwood: http://mister-muffin.de/p/l0U_

they are all very similar as i didnt want to give up the simplicity of having
only one script for each target for a more general solution yet. they are
similar enough so that a diff will nicely show the special properties of each
of them compared to the others.

what they do is to use multistrap, fakeroot, fakechroot and qemu user mode
emulation to build a debian rootfs for some arm devices i own.

the notioninkadam target builds for the notion ink adam tablet. the touchbook
target builds for the always innovating touchbook. the openmoko builds for the
openmoko freerunner and gta01 and the kirkwood builds for my seagate goflex

they mostly differ in the package selection, modules, kernel, alsastate file,
hostname, fstab and udev rules.

multistrap usage is restricted to the very basic options and doesnt make use of
hooks or setupscripts. one can also see the lines for armhf commented out. the
default mirror is my local apt-cacher repository. the scripts will refuse to
run as root and will reexecute themselves with fakeroot if the user didnt do so

maybe those are useful for someone.

cheers, josch

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