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Re: Bug#623484: dpkg-cross doesn't detect libs not directly under /usr/lib

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notfound 623484 2.5.8

On Wed, 20 Apr 2011 10:02:26 -0700
Andre Kostur <akostur@incognito.com> wrote:

> Certain packages have libraries that exist in a subdirectory under /usr/lib.

Those, according to the FHS, are for plugins which - by definition -
are not useful to a cross-build because third party code cannot link
directly against plugins.

> dpkg-cross fails to detect these as valid libs to include.  A specific example

This is correct.

> is libaxis2c0_1.6.0-1_amd64.deb.   I'm trying to repackage this for use on
> an i686 machine.  This package supplies a set of shared
> objects under /usr/lib/axis2/lib.  However, running dpkg-cross against this

Those directories are for plugins. If those files are actually used when
building against that package, this is a bug in the package NOT

> package results in "package libaxis2c0 doesn't provide any useful files.
> Skipping."
> Perhaps dpkg-cross should either be able to find libraries in subdirectories
> of /usr/lib, or the user could supply additional paths to look for libs?

No. dpkg-cross is correctly ignoring plugins. Please confirm that this
is either a bug in the libaxis package or that these files are actually
not necessary for the build.


Neil Williams

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