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Re: fakechroot + qemu user emulation (it works now)

+++ Johannes Schauer [2011-04-02 01:11 +0200]:
> >> my goal is to build an armel rootfs without the need of super user
> >> privileges.
> I solved it! :D

<snip useful description of lots of wrinkles>

Very nifty piece of work.

> I have a small script that i use for this - it is not complete but does the most basic
> things and outputs a tarball with the proper permissions

I would very much like to see qemu functionality for foreign chroots
integrated into schroot so that necessary set-up is done automagically
when you schroot in.

In that case root functionality is available so your work may not be
directly relevant, but there may be good reasons to also implement the
extra stuff you have done in such code. I admit I haven't looked into
the details of implementing this yet, but that does seem like the
right place to do it (although pre-preparing such chroots for
operation with or without schroot is also useful in some cases. 

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