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Re: Areas of Emdebian to integrate into Debian


2011/4/3 Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>:

> Have you had ANY indication that ftpmaster is even
> slightly keen on such a division?

No, ftpmaster has not hinted me, but there is a real timing issue, and
I am not sure it is ftpmasters call, but buildd and kernel team call,
if it possible to do it and it improves Debian, why not?

>> > https://lkml.org/lkml/2011/3/17/492
>> Nothing we can do to solve current situation.
> Wrong. We can at least push people to collaborate, provide the tools
> where we can and act appropriately when doing our own kernel stuff
> (like in balloon).

Well, I was talking with Emdebian hat on. I do not think that is
Emdebian business. With Balloon Board developer hat on, yes we could
try to merge patches into mainline, and try to be careful when doing
it with others platforms, which it is a time killer, that it is
probably why those patches are not mainlined. Maybe Linaro can help
out on that or that attempt Pengutronix did creating send-patches.org
platform for such cases.

> ... and encourage everyone talking about kernels or wanting kernels
> from Emdebian to work as part of a larger community and collate patches.

Debian already does that, as being a requirement to merge patches into
mainline tree. Again, what policy do we want to follow at Emdebian?

> We don't have to do the work. We can encourage those who do the work to
> try and make things go more smoothly.

On real world, time is money, and merging things properly takes time.
Companies usually have deadlines, short time and lot of work to
complete the goals. That is probably main blocker to submit/merge
those patches into main tree.

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