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Re: Dropping support for debian/xcontrol

+++ Neil Williams [2011-03-04 22:26 +0000]:
> On Fri, 4 Mar 2011 21:37:51 +0000
> Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> wrote:
> The replacement is debian/control - at least it's always correct.

But gives no information about which deps are build and which host,
which was the reason for xcontrol.

> > Without xcontrol you need to use xdeb or wait for multiarch to
> > actually be implemented.
> Not true. embuilddeps simply uses the debian/control file. There'll be
> no support for debian/xcontrol in Multi-Arch.

So how does it decide which arch to install deps for and what to run
dpkg-cross on?

> Is it really worth patching packages to update / create debian/xcontrol
> merely to avoid a few packages listed for xapt to process?

So your point is that you are relying on xapt's 'install everything
cross anyway' behaviour so the distinction between build and host deps
is not important?

I guess that's fair enough. 

> It's only embuilddeps that's changing. Very few packages have
> debian/xcontrol files in Debian.

I was thinking about its use elsewhere (like in TCLs build system). I
agree it's not really any use within Debian itself. 

> embuilddeps is changing to install native and cross dependencies, both
> based on debian/control. Same list for both. IMHO debian/xcontrol is
> unsustainable and for sane pbuilder/sbuild support, the xcontrol file
> should be ignored.

OK, yes, if you just install everything in both flavours then it serves
no purpose. 

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