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Re: Starting Debian installer from Grub2 on Flash

On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 23:02:19 +0100
Jean-Michel Pouré - GOOZE <jmpoure@gooze.eu> wrote:

> My first question is simple:
> Can Debian installer be started and installed on the same CF Flash?

Probably easier to create your system with another tool and then simply
decompress it onto flash. Most CF cards are removable, so you could
even do this on a fast machine and you would only have to configure the
packages on device.


> We would like users to be able to make their own installation using
> Debian installer and network.

The majority of the installation will be the same for each user - it'll
have to be Emdebian Grip, so the core package set doesn't change. It
can take a LONG time to unpack all of the core packages each time -
better to have the core packages pre-installed and then offer an
optional set of packages. Maybe something like Apt-On-CD could create
something you could put onto the CF.

> Therefore a minimal installer should
> reside on CF. A "bonus" would be the installer being recognized by Grub2
> and proposed as a rescue boot.
> Is that possible? 

Or, if the CF card is that accessible, a backup CF card? Are you
planning on running from the CF card or is there secondary storage?
What architecture?


Neil Williams

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