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Re: Emdebian Grip repo

Am 22.02.2011 00:28, schrieb Neil Williams:
On Mon, 21 Feb 2011 21:45:58 +0100
Marcus Osdoba<marcus.osdoba@googlemail.com>  wrote:

There is no such thing as final updates - proposed-updates get merged
into stable when a point release happens, so what was in stable gets
updated. Few packages get updated in this way.
If I look here
I would find "stable-updates" in parallel to "stable-proposed-updates".

Looking here:
I would NOT find stable-updates or squeeze-updates - only stable-proposed-updates.

So the updates from Emdebian squeeze-proposed-updates are directly promoted into squeeze (and not to stable-updates like Debian does)?

(The questions came up during setting up a local repository for multistrap.)

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