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Re: Grip mirror with debpartial

Am 05.02.2011 18:43, schrieb Neil Williams:
On Sat, 05 Feb 2011 18:31:30 +0100
Marcus Osdoba<marcus.osdoba@googlemail.com>  wrote:

I like to retain load on the public server and improve the speed of
multistrap by setting up a local grip mirror.

Use reprepro instead.

Thanks again for quick feedback.

reprepro also allows you to only pull in a partial set, see the pkglist
filter which is exported alongside the Grip repository:


Is debmirror a valid alternative? Is this known to work?

I'm trying the package emdebain-grip-server now. I don't want to re-grip all Debian packages myself. Is it possible to setup a mirror with that package and create some kind of overlay with private/local gripped packages?

I have a list of packages for my sample project, which I get from "big"Debian since they have not been gripped into the public GripSqueeze-pool. When I set up a local mirror anyway, I could perform the additonal grip steps, too.

Once (hence the example) but then I got fed up with that as a method
and went back to reprepro. If it's easier, I'll remove the
departial-mirror example.
If reprepo is the preferred solution and known to work, please remove the debpartial-config from the public website. I guess many more than me will start their Emdebian excursion there.

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