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Re: Adding "mdadm" package to Grip

On Thu, 3 Feb 2011 09:29:07 +0100
Damiano ALBANI <damiano.albani@gmail.com> wrote:

> In order to run Grip on my ARM-based NAS, I'd need to use the tools from the
> "mdadm" package.
> However, it doesn't seem available in the pool. Or at least, it's only
> present as a "udeb".

Check the package build - you may find that the udeb is actually what
you need. udeb's in the Grip pool are completely unmodified compared to
the ones available from Debian. In this case, debian/rules has two
different targets. Compare the $(MAKE) options for mdadm.udeb and mdadm.

> So, could you add this package?

Too late to add it to squeeze now.

You can manually add the package from Debian using multistrap:


Or, you can gain a little bit of space and convert any package from
Debian into an Emdebian Grip package using 'apt-grip' which is in the
emdebian-grip package. Install that on a desktop system, specify the
architecture to download and convert, then put the converted package
into a local repository and add that to your multistrap config.


Neil Williams

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