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Re: tcl8.5 breaks dpkg-cross assumptions and multiarch

(please drop cc's other than debian-policy in replies if you want to
work on that)

Hi Wookey,

Wookey wrote:

> Debian policy (8.2) says:
> ---------------
> It is recommended that supporting files and run-time support programs
> that do not need to be invoked manually by users, but are nevertheless
> required for the package to function, be placed (if they are binary)
> in a subdirectory of /usr/lib, preferably under /usr/lib/package-name.
> If the program or file is architecture independent, the recommendation
> is for it to be placed in a subdirectory of /usr/share instead,
> For multiarch, or existing
> dpkg-cross cross-compiling, to work, arch-dependent needs to mean
> either form _or_ content (see below for elaboration).

I always had thought that it's content and that the "if they are
binary" is only a red herring.  I agree with you that the policy ought
to be clarified.  Thanks for bringing this up.


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