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Cross dependency syntax - do we need :native?

I need examples of packages which, when cross-built, depend on a
native (i.e build architecture) library package at build-time. That
would be because they build a tool which is used during the build, but
is not shipped in the package, and that tool needs a library that
is not in build-essential to build. 

(It's not a problem if the tool ends up in the final package, because
then that package can be build-depended on to get the tool.)

This is the case which the build-depends: package:native syntax is
intended to cover.

I suspect such things exist but I've been told that we should find at
least one example of this actually occuring in the archive before
putting functionality to cater for this in the multiarch spec.

The background to this is in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchCross
which describes additions to the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec
(the spec as currently being implemented), in order to cater
for cross-building.

This bug is also very relevant and puts things succinctly:

So, examples welcome.

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