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Full mirror now restored


Thanks to Phil Hands, emdebian now has a complete push mirror and the
push is now operating once a day automatically.

The website has been updated to describe the apt source lines for the
new mirror, along the lines of:

deb http://ftp.uk.debian.org/emdebian <FLAVOUR> <SUITE> main

Crush has a mirror (simply because it wasn't worth the effort of not
mirroring it as a single suite, single architecture) and Grip has a
mirror for the main architectures and the ports. The toolchains also
now have a mirror (FLAVOUR=toolchains)

With this setup, if others want another mirror on an existing Debian
mirror closer to their own country, contact the admin for that mirror
and ask if they are willing to have their mirror added to the emdebian
push. (About 30Gb for the entire push, most of that is Grip (15Gb),
Grip ports (11Gb) and toolchains (2Gb).)

Grip ports is that large because, unlike the debian-ports mirror, Grip
ports combines ported architectures into one repository, the
repository includes the sources and mixes unreleased package versions
with the normal packages. For more on the vagaries of Grip ports, see

To check the date of the most recently completed mirror push, see:

Updated pages with details of the apt source lines to use:


Neil Williams

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