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Re: multistrap: no pubkey found even if emdebian-archive-keyring is installed

On Wed, 22 Dec 2010 23:00:53 +0100
Marcus Osdoba <marcus.osdoba@googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi mailinglist,
> I'm experimenting with multistrap and Emdebian/squeeze. I use a quite 
> recent amd64 debian squeeze to create an armel rootfs.

The config file you are using will still bring in perl and coreutils, I
don't think you would get the rootfs you expect. Grip does not provide
packages suitable for a rootfs based solely on busybox or for a rootfs
without perl or coreutils.

> [Emdebian]
> packages=linux-image-2.6-kirkwood linux-base initramfs-tools 
> module-init-tools udev mtd-utils netbase ifupdown iproute dropbear 
> busybox net-tools emdebian-archive-keyring debian-archive-keyring

I've tweaked multistrap in SVN to handle multiple packages lines:

packages=linux-image-2.6-kirkwood linux-base initramfs-tools 
packages=module-init-tools udev mtd-utils netbase ifupdown iproute
packages=dropbear busybox net-tools emdebian-archive-keyring
packages=debian-archive-keyring samba

Or you could specify those packages as new sections, e.g. one for
networking support, one for kernel etc. and list all of those in bootstrap.

> Running sudo multistrap -f playground.conf gives the follwoing error:
> NO_PUBKEY B5B7720097BB3B58

As a temporary stopgap until multistrap is uploaded, you can simply:

cp ${dir}/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/multistrap.gpg ${dir}/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/trustdb.gpg

(where $dir is the top level directory of the rootfs being created)
once multistrap has failed first time, then re-run multistrap with the
same options.

> Do I have to add the emdebian-archive-keyring withing the target 
> filesystem somehow? Placing it in front of the package list?

It's a gpgv error - it is passed three possible locations for the keyring and if any of those do not exist, it doesn't even try to check for the others.

To test, copy the command which multistrap prints with all the apt options and add another option:

-o Debug::Acquire::gpgv=true

If you want this fix to get into Squeeze you *need* to file a bug
report. Otherwise, use the current version in SVN or wait until 2.1.9
hits experimental in the next few days and use that version.

The mailing list is not the best place to sort out problems like this,
use the BTS.


Neil Williams

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