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Re: [sprint] openembedded / dpkg-cross-buildpackage hybrid

Dnia wtorek, 23 listopada 2010 o 03:16:03 Jonas Smedegaard napisał(a):

> One thing I like in Debian is that each package has one (or more)
> persons directly responsible for its quality thoughout its lifetime.
> How is openembedded in that respect?

In OE there are recipes which have maintainer(s) but many lack any 
maintainer - often they are changed by someone to adapt to new policies 
or are changed by developer which use them for his targets.
> Another thing I dearly like is that both source packages and binary
> builds are versioned.  I believe this makes bug hunting more
> reliable. I guess openembedded is more like Gentoo in this regard:
> build from source, eventually caching the binary parts but without
> versioning. Right?

Everything is versioned in OE - recipe is for specific version and result 
of build is set of packages which are versioned and provide versioned 
dependencies. You can check it in Angstrom package browser [1] and fetch 
IPK package (which is in Debian package format).

1. http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/repo/?pkgname=xfce4-panel-

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