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emdebian.org disaster recovery

Temporary website (slightly nobbled): 

Emdebian Grip mirror:

Toolchain packages are not currently available (insufficient space on
available hosting). (need 6-10Gb short term + free)

Also ask on the #emdebian channel on OFTC.

The server went down and failed to restart. It needs to be
completely replaced. It is possible that (some) data can be recovered
but this will take the same amount of time as restarting services on a
new server with a new hosting company.

Services will be resumed as soon as we can arrange sufficient online
storage on a dedicated server, courtesy of Toby!Churchill. [0]

Current estimate: up to 5 days to get a replacement server accessible
(already ordered), resync the Grip archive, update the Grip builds and
make the SVN repository write-able again. Toolchains can be rebuilt and
uploaded in much the same timeframe.

What we will have lost:

0: The Emdebian Crush 1.0 ARM packages. (I might have a copy but I'm
also moving house during this timeframe so I can't expect to access
that copy until probably the New Year. There might be other copies.)

1: SVN history - we're starting again at SVN revision 0. (Unless some
data can be recovered from the previous server but that could take a
prolonged period of time to access.)

2: superceded/ directory of SVN (various people possibly have copies
but not necessarily up to date) but then that is superceded, historial
code anyway.

3: documentation and notes in Hector's home directory which some people
may have found useful

What we will gain:

a) 24/7 commercial support with backups (!) - even offsite backups,
which will be nice.

b) much, much faster builds (!)

[0] www.toby-churchill.com


Neil Williams

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