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Re: How will Emdebian deal with "flag version" kernel 2.6.35?

+++ W. Martin Borgert [2010-11-07 16:59 +0100]:
> Hi,
> there was recently an announcement
> (http://lwn.net/Articles/413341/)
> that a number of companies and projects using Linux
> for embedded devices want to settle on a common kernel
> version, 2.6.35.
> I wonder, if this has any effect on Emdebian? Would it
> be possible and desirable to support the same version?

Emdebian generally takes no notice of kernels - we concern ourselves
with the other packages and you can supply whatever kernel you like. 

Assuming 2.6.35 works with squeeze then it'll work with emdebian
squeeze-vintage. I see squeeze uses 2.6.32 (which is syncronised with
several other distros with relatively long support cycles IIRC). So
far as I know 2.6.35 will be fine too. (balloon is currently on 2.6.34
and that works fine).

So I don't think we need to do anything in particular. Users can
choose their favourite kernel as before but if they stray too far from
the Debian kernel corresponding to the Emdebian distro they are using
then eventually something will break. Choosing an 'Embedded Flag Day'
kernel is probably a better option than average.

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