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Bug#599206: dpkg-cross should leave files in converted package

On Wed, Oct 06, 2010, Neil Williams wrote:
> No. pkg-config specifies architecture-independent metadata which is
> static within any single source release, not architecture-dependent
> variables deduced at build time.

 it's not architecture independent at all (which is why it's mostly in
 /usr/lib/pkgconfig rather than /usr/share/pkgconfig)

 The list of libraries might differ, or some random var, or simply the
 version of the file, options or anything.

> > it's fair enough to say they
> >  should be using pkg-config, but they could as well dismiss their own
> >  implementation as superior, or just dislike the pkg-config dep.
> The build metadata needs to be determined at build time and that means
> cross-build and native builds determining their data during the build,
> not reading data arbitrarily read in from some previous build.

 First, there is a difference between what the architecture needs, and
 what tcl was built with.  In some cases, it might actually be important
 that you use the same values as tcl did.  But I think it's not the case
 here; I rather see this as some non-autoconf approach to spreading the
 right build settings.

> The machine preparing the -dev package does not necessarily have the
> same configuration as the target device of the cross-build - these
> things need to be *calculated* not retrieved from some previous build
> somewhere else.

 You're saying just the same thing again; it might be entirely valid to
 use the exact same values as the ones which were used for the tcl
 build; I don't think it's the case here though.  I think tcl is trying
 to provide non-autoconf apps with a way to get the right config.

Loïc Minier

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