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Re: designing hardware to run emdebian

+++ Blars Blarson [2010-09-29 07:32 -0700]:
> When looking at potential processors for this, I didn't think about
> the need for an MMU, which eliminates many from consideration.
> Dangerous Prototypes only does two-sided PC boards, so that eliminates
> BGPA packages.  There do appear to be a couple of processor options
> still available.

Emdebian currently needs about 200Mb flash and probably 64MB RAM,
althogh I haven't tested on such a small machine recently. It has the
same memory footprint as Debian, and a rather smaller disk footprint.

We don't have a uclinx version which would work on MMUless machines.

You probably want to be looking at something like OPenWRT for the sort
of really small, cheap, hardware you are thinking about.
Debian/emdebian is a bit fat. 

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