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Re: Emdebian cross toolchain? (Was:Re: Re: Emdebian native build on PPC?)


> Aha, this worked much better for powerpc on lenny. Is
> http://www.emdebian.org/tools/crossdev.html still useful? If it's
> completely superceded by http://wiki.debian.org/EmdebianToolchain, I'd
> suggest to remove the former.

Well, `lenny' is current stable release, so I believe we should keep
it and update it after `squeeze' is released.
Webpage is intented to be more static (stable), and wiki is just a
more flexible tool to keep status on the on going work.
Cross toolchains on `squeeze' have been very broken until later days
which thanks to Al Viro, Matthias Klose and Marcin we have more or
less a working set, but work is in progress. I am currently working on
the scripts to build them all and bug reporting.

Best regards,
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