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Re: A few more multistrap questions..


Thanks for your quick response and explanations.

> Next, I was trying to separate out the -dev packages so that I can build two
> different kinds of root filesystems, one with the -dev packages and one
> without.

I haven't heard of that needing to be done before....

-dev packages were never really considered as part of a rootfs, more to
support the use of an installed Grip system to then install build deps
for specific packages.

Our tarball does double duty.  With the -dev packages included, it is used to recompile some of the libraries and also to cross compile some non-packaged userland applications.  This is not the image that gets deployed, but rather it does work on our system mounted via NFS, so I'm still deciding whether or not to use Grip'd packages or the full Debian packages for this "NFS" tarball.

For flash, we currently do a form of "baking", that cherry picks files that actually get deployed to the flash.  It was designed long ago well before there was Emdebian.  It's not automated and it's an ugly way to go, but it gets the job done.  I was thinking to look into replacing it with a baked Grip distro of only the needed packages, and then having the baking script remove some more of the extra unneeded pieces, but that may be more work than tuning the cherry pick system to the new distribution.

> [Grip]
> packages=base-files base-passwd bash bc binutils busybox coreutils

You don't need to specify all of these - anything that is Priority:
required will be added unless you specify omitrequired in the config.
(Also in the manpage.)

Yes, thanks, I already knew that, but it's easier to keep track of the packages to track against our old distribution if I list them explicitly.  I guess it's just redundant.

-Jim Heck

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