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Re: but 4.4.1-1 is to be installed.

Op 20100904 om 13:07 schreef Hector Oron:
> Hello Geert,
> 2010/7/25 Geert Stappers <stappers@stappers.nl>:
> > During my quest for a cross compiler for a MIPSEL target
> > on an AMD64 build host, I did encountered this:
> Could you please try again (with squeeze/unstable emdebian mirror)?
> Work in progress to fix squeeze/unstable cross toolchains is in
> progress. Ping me if you have any problems. At the moment only repo
> for amd64 working, but raw debs can be found at:
> http://emdebian.org/~zumbi/toolchain/

Just did a succesfull
  aptitude install gcc-4.4-mipsel-linux-gnu  
from the regular {,em}debian repositories.

(using the cross-compiler isn't yet done (by me))

Geert Stappers

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