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Re: Where is an Emdebian compatible installer with matching ISO?

Sorry Neil, I think we crossed streams. Thanks for the advice, I'll
take some time to digest it.

But it occurs to me that maybe Emdebian isn't the right idea here. I
should clarify what kind of system this is: it's a single board
computer with a x86 compatible processor and flash storage (512MB).
Now, it has a BIOS, can boot from USB or the flash, you can attach
input peripherals, etc. So I'm wondering whether the advice on the
front page under "What about low resource machines?" is pertinent here
instead, since in some ways it can be pretty much treated as a
mid-90's desktop PC in terms of resources.

I might give it a shot as a normal Debian install (it'll be
interesting to see how we go with 512MB...) for the sake of
development, and if I have problems come back to Emdebian.

— Jason

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