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Emdebian Policy might need updates after dpkg changes


Not sure if what's on the Emdebian Policy [0] is considered up-to-date
or not, but it seems it might benefit from some changes, which could
simplify it quite substantially, and also reduce the divergences
Emdebian needs to perform to stock Debian.

In latest dpkg.deb all programs are either in POSIX shell or C, which
includes dpkg-statoverride (1.15.5), dpkg-divert (1.15.8), merging
mksplit back into dpkg-split (1.15.8) and update-alternatives (1.15.8),
so no Perl programs anymore, which means these can be used just fine.

Latest dpkg supports path filtering too, which can be used by dropping
a configuration file under /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/, and could avoid
having to repack and strip undesired content from binary packages.
Check the man page for further information regarding the
--path-exclude and --path-include options.

Packages calling install-info should stop doing so in Debian, as we
should be using the triggerized support nowadays. Although both
install-info programs are in C now.


[0] <http://wiki.debian.org/EmdebianPolicy>

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