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I will be stopping the Emdebian Grip update task today. This means that
all updates of Emdebian Grip unstable and testing from now until the
release of Debian Squeeze 6.0 will be manual, matching the movements
within Debian as managed by the release team.

This allows time for the Emdebian Grip 1.0 release to get a point
release - Emdebian Grip 1.1 (based on Debian 5.0.5 "Lenny") which
basically involves synchronising stable-proposed-updates with current
Debian stable and then moving those updates into stable.

Second, I'll be fixing Emdebian Grip Squeeze - adding packages from the
frozen Debian squeeze sets to fill holes in the dependency chains,
removing obsolete packages and other cruft that may have been missed
before, forcing relevant packages into more suitable components to
match the dependency requirements. (The 'main' component will seek to
have all dependencies met, other components will be a "best effort".)

No new sets of packages will be added to Emdebian Grip - only missing
dependencies of what already exists.

Existing dependencies will not be changed either - there'll be no
removal of groff-base or mandb or other things like that because
Emdebian is frozen too. (When Debian freezes, so does Emdebian Grip.)

Emdebian Crush will definitely not see a release alongside Squeeze.
There will be no further experiments with Crush, there might be a few
tweaks to pdebuild-cross or multistrap etc. but those will only go into
Debian experimental.


Neil Williams

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