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Request for Package btrfs-tools in Emdebian Grip Sid

Hello all,

Would it be possible to add btrfs-tools to the Emdebian Grip Sid


Btw, I just installed Emdebian Grip on a SheevaPlug using the files from

I had to use 
"priority=low DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text no_auto_cmd debian-installer/allow_unauthenticated=true"

to be able to use the www.emdebian.org mirror during the install.

I removed 150 packages afterwards to get a nice and clean install (82
packages left, including openssh-server, 137MB used according to df).

sudo was missing after the initial install, which was unexpected as I
selected to disable root logins (and enable sudo) during the install.
Also, the created user was not part of the sudo group.

I very much like the thoughts behind Emdebian, and would like to help
out. Do you have any suggestions?


Humilis IT Services and Solutions

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